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#1 Boarding Schools of Dehradun, The ICS’s June AR-3

Welcome back to the third edition of The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls’ boarding schools of Dehradun’s activity catch-up. 

We are on a summer vacation break at The Indian Cambridge School, also known as one of the best girls boarding schools of Dehradun. But that will not stop us from bringing to you the third edition of The ICS’s activity round-up series.

Before we get started, there are a few spots still open at The ICS, so if you are still looking for a school that focuses on imparting holistic education, please head over to this page for more information. With that out of the way, let’s start our third activity update for the month of June 2024. For our previous entries in this series, check this page out.

Magnet Mania” at The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls boarding schools of Dehradun!

On May 8, 2024, we organised a captivating activity, Magnet Mania, for classes 1 to 5. The students were taught about the principles of magnets, horseshoe magnets, circular magnets, etc. Then came some hands-on experience with magnets.


Children took part in some interesting games that teachers prepared, like moving the magnet on the road track and in the zigzag patterns, etc., so that students could understand the properties of magnets.

boarding schools of Dehradun

They also learned about the separation of magnetic and non-magnetic materials, making the iron filings dance in the glass jars—simple activities that opened their minds to the wonders of magnetism. 

Adjective Activity” at The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls boarding schools of Dehradun! 

Adjectives are essential to every language, adding colour, depth, and details to our expressions. On May 21, we organised an activity titled “विशेषण गतिविधि,” also known as “Adjective Activity,” focusing on enhancing language skills, encouraging creativity and effective communication, and instilling a deeper understanding of how to use adjectives.

boarding schools of Dehradun

We explained to the kids what adjectives are, their importance in the Hindi language, and communication. Different types of adjectives were presented using flashcards, helping them analyse the different situations and reference adjectives to be used.

“Inter-House Quiz” at The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls boarding schools of Dehradun!

On May 4, 2024, an electrifying inter-house quiz named “All about Asia” unfolded, featuring five thrilling rounds: Get-Set-Go, Buzzer Round, Audio Visual, Countries & Capital, and Rapid Fire. Enthusiasm ignited and knowledge tested!

boarding schools of Dehradun

The quiz covered geography, culture and heritage, countries and capitals, food, fauna and flora, sports, famous brands, and personalities. It was a battlefield of wit and wisdom, cheers and applause from a vibrant audience of students and teachers, and participants from all four houses showcased their intellect and competitive spirit.

boarding schools of Dehradun

After an intense competition, Valour House seized the crown with an impressive 265 points, with Integrity and Justice Houses coming in second with 200 points each, and finally, Devotion House secured the third spot with 150 points.


As we conclude this edition of our activity series, we look forward to reconnecting with you in our upcoming release. Stay updated by following us on our social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, for the latest news and updates. If you’re interested in touring our school, please contact us at 708-888-8856 or complete the contact form on this page.

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