Aesthetically designed modern hostels provide perfect atmosphere for the all–round- development of boarding students. The dormitories are divided into Juniors & Seniors with attached bath & toilet cubicles. Every boarder is allotted a Private Locker during her stay at The ICS, she avails the below listed facilities;

  • Daily Time Schedule – We operate traditional 7 Day Boarding Schedule with an Academic and Co- curricular Time-table, from Monday to Saturday, which incorporates tuitions, morning-evening preps; remedial classes; extra classes; evening sports, learning of dining etiquettes; Individual counselling; educational trips and excursions; Community Service; Industrial Visits and much more. From Sunday is reserved for outings & opportunities for pupils to catch up with themselves.

  • Monitored TV viewing of daily English News and permitted educational channels.

  • In dorm cool filtered drinking water facility round the clock.

  • 5 Times Meals- Hygienic & nutritionally well balanced diet for both Vegetarians & Non Vegetarians is served in a spacious and well ventilated dining hall.

  • 24 hours Security.

  • CCTV surveillance in the whole School campus

  • Internet /ISD/STD call facility.

  • Supervised internet access for assignments.

  • In Campus tuck shop for weekly purchase.

  • Laundry – Thrice a week Boarders are permitted to drop-off their essential garments and heavy clothes at in house laundry, ensuring students maximum time is devoted on personal development.

Our well trained staff see’s that students integrate fully and receive an educational experience which is enjoyable and is valued afterwards. Each girl is a welcome member of the Cambridge family for who they are; no-one needs to be worried about being overlooked, misunderstood or side-lined. This inclusiveness is at the heart of our school’s strength. After all, good teaching depends and thrives upon the quality of the relationship between teacher and student. The better they understand each other, the more fruitful and lasting are the educational gains.

There is never a dull moment as a boarder at The ICS. New boarders quickly slot in to life in the warm, homely dormitories and help is always on hand to do homework for the next day’s lessons.

Study & Supervision

Home work for all boarders is supervised by the House Staff to ensure that every student has access to all the help and equipments they need. Students in the Senior Classes are permitted to exercise their independence to work till late and rise early only during the examinations time period.

Dining Hall

The ICS has an excellent catering facility. Boarders are provided with different menus for Breakfast, Brunch (Break-Time), Lunch, Supper and Dinner every day. The meals are nutritionally balanced and offer boarders a full choice, always with a Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian option. Fruit, salad, yoghurt and filtered drinking water are always on offer at meal times. Boarders during the meal time are taught dining etiquettes while they eat along with their House Parents. Boarders from different countries or states are given slightly modified meals for a specific time-period allowing them to settle down and to develop taste as per our diverse cuisine.

Beyond the Classroom

Boarding students have access to a wide variety of Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities. These include House based activities such as Basketball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Table-tennis, Hand Ball, Athletics TV and Music, Dramatics, Debate, Elocution, Pubic Speaking, PowerPoint Presentation, Drawing and Painting Competition, Collage making, Poster making, Ad making and many more such activities.

Parents/Guardians to please note

NOTE: The school inculcates a spirit of belonging and an attitude for serious studies. Thus, students can best hope to achieve their potential when school and parents work together to support them. At The Indian Cambridge School (The ICS) parents are encouraged to visit the school and attend functions organized by the school, and to discuss the progress of their wards. The Principal is ready to help out in any matter or problems, which any student may encounter, both at school or at home. Thus, the co-operation of parents is solicited so as for students to gain the most.