The Indian Cambridge School admits students to Play-Group, L.KG, &  U.KG  on the basis of interaction held with the child and parent. For Classes  I  to  IX & XI  written tests are conducted  in  the following subjects :

Classes    I – VI        —    English,  Mathematics  and                                                     Hindi

Classes    VII  –  IX    —    English, Science, Mathematics,                                             and Hindi

Classes    XI             —    English  only

Such tests are held every year in the month of  December  &  March. Admission is strictly by merit based on tests,  interviews, and according to availability of seats. For Classes IX  & XI  only meritorious students may be granted admission.

Parents seeking to admit their wards  may register their names anytime during the year, preferably before the month of January.

Students seeking admission to Class XI may seek admission immediately after the Class X Board Examination . Provisional  admission  may  be given on the basis of  pre- board result and entrance test .

Admission will be confirmed after the declaration of the board result.  It is advised that those seeking admission to  Class XI Science or Commerce Stream must do so at the earliest, to avoid disappointment should all seats be filled. (For choice of stream and subjects please refer to the ACADEMICS page.)