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The Indian Cambridge School celebrated this significant day on 14th
Sep,2019. Hindi was adopted as an official language by the constituent
Assembly on Sep 14th ,1949.
The School observed Hindi week from September 8th to 14th September 2019.
To pay the tribute,  Morning assemblies were held and  an Inter House
Dramatic competition was conducted  to mark the day. The students
ranging from Class 1st to Class 12th participated in various events
related to the day.
In Inter House Hindi Drama competition  Wisdom House Stood first, they
presented a skit on “Hindi Bemar Hai”, Second position was grabbed
away by Devotion house and they presented  “Lautado mere sapno ka
bharat” ,Third position was secured by Justice House and they
showcased “ Ek Cheethi”. The participants did justice with the subject
they choose.
Mrs.Raj Srivastava ( Hod Hindi ) said in her speech that today Hindi
is  world wide spoken and according to Devnagri Scripts Hindi  is
written is the way we speak.
Bhartendu Harish Chandra, Surdas, Ramdhare singh Dinkar, Tulsidas
,Subhadra kumara Chuahan etc were remembered the entire week. Their
work was  displayed by the school students.
Teachers  encouraged the students to speak and write correct form of
Hindi. The week was celebrated with tremendous joy and great
Principal of the school Mrs.Rachana Srivastava appreciated the efforts
of the students & said that Hindi is our Mother tongue, we should be
proud of it.
Celebration on Hindi Diwas was a success.

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Teacher’s day was celebrated with immense zeal and verve at “The Indian Cambridge School”,Dalanwala,Dehradun.

Class XII organised the event in the School auditorium ,the program commenced at 9:30in the morning and continued till 12 noon.

The Chief Guest on the day was School Principal Mrs Rachana Srivastava. She inaugurated the ceremony by lightning the lamp.

The auditorium was decorated with quotes on teachers and teaching profession along with colourful balloons and ribbons.

The Prayer was an invocation to bless the teachers  and the school administration.

The program included prayer, songs, dance

performances and speeches.

School Captain Miss Sunidhi Shah in her speech remembered Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, second President of India, for his contribution in the field of education.

Welcome dance was performed by Junior girls

and boys of classes VI – VIII.

Class X & XII performed dance on “Gharmore Pardeseya” and remix from Bollywood songs.

Class XII also paid tribute to the teachers by thanking them ,what all effort they took for them and show -cased  in the skit that without teachers one cannot attain knowledge in her or his life.

Compliments were given to each and every teacher with  a rose flower .

The compere of the day was Aman Khalid and Prachii of class X.

Teachers enjoyed the program and was honoured to receive the love and affection showered by their students.

The School administration honoured the teachers by giving a token of love and appreciation.

Vote of thanks was proposed by the Principal,in which she thanked the students and was overwhelmed to have such dedicated, sincere teachers in her team.

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Workshop on Plastic waste management by Panchayati Raj, Uttrakhand government at The Indian Cambridge School

Today on September 3rd, 2019 a workshop was conducted at “The Indian Cambridge School “,Dalanwala by Mr H. C .Semwal , additional Secretary and director Panchayati Raj, Uttrakhand government to eradicate the plastic from the state . He address the students on’ Plastic Waste Management.’

He was accompained by his wife Mrs  Nirmala Semwal,  ex joint director,Sh  D.P Devrari,  Mr Vipin kumar,  consultant S.W.M  & Ms.  Kanchan Negi,   consultant I.E.C and  Media and the School Principal Mrs Rachana Srivastava.

Mr H. C. Semwal was welcomed with bouquets.

The School Principal  introduced the Chief Guest to the audience.

The School Captain ,Sunidhi Shah praised the chief guest  by talking loud about his achievements  in plastic waste management .

Mr H. C. Semwal  has established 95 compactors and plastic recycling plant .

In his address he said that , once  plastic is discarded after utility is over, it is known as plastic waste.  It is estimated that   approximately 70% of plastic packaging products are converted into plastic waste in a short span of time.

Plastic waste effects our   ground water , pollutes soil,   ocean ,air etc even plankton,  the  tiniest  creature in our oceans, are eating micro plastics and absorbing their hazardous chemicals .

it is seen that plastic consumption is increasing in India rapidly but now  the time has come ,when we should discouraged the use of disposal plastics and should  abandon grocery bags ,plastic wrap,  disposable cutlery ,coffee cup lids, do  minimize buying of water bottle ,instead  purchase secondhand items and support a bag tax or ban plastic.

Ms. Rubina Siddqui, academic coordinator  proposed the vote of   thanks and said that  the  use of plastic within  the campus will be banned  and other  available options will be used by the students and the staff.

The school students found   the talk very effective.

adminWorkshop on Plastic waste management by Panchayati Raj, Uttrakhand government at The Indian Cambridge School
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Happy 73rd Independence Day

73th Independence Day was celebrated with traditional gaiety and  fervour on August 15,2019 at the Indian Cambridge School,Dalanwala ,Dehradun.
The Patron of School Dr S. Farooq hoisted the  National Flag of India followed by the National Anthem . He was escorted by the School Director  Syed Mohammed Yasar ,Principal Mrs Rachana Srivastava .
The school campus was decorated with  tricolor, the students were filled with patriotic feeling.
The gathering consisted of school children ,faculty and  the staff.
On the occasion children sang patriotic songs and presented a skit, showcasing the sacrifice of freedom fighters during india’s freedom struggle.
The patriotic melodrama “Ma Tujhe Salam” was appreciated by one and all present. Middle School students coordinated the steps well.
Gayatri of class X  sang “Desh hame detaS hai sab Kuch” .
The Patron Dr S. Farooq  in his speech said that, the hallmark of our identity is “unity in diversity “.
The  School captain Miss Sunidhi Shah, in her speech  said that we must remember our freedom fighters, who gave their  life for the country and everybody should contribute in Indian’s economic and space development.

The comperer of the day was Priyanka Rathore of class XII.
The School Principal proposed vote of thanks and said that, today we are still known as a Nation which is ruffled amalgamation of diverse values and cultures still we stand as one Nation.
The sweets were distributed at the end of the program.

adminHappy 73rd Independence Day
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Getting 100 % result at CISCE

Proud moment for The Indian Cambridge school for getting 100 % result at CISCE
The declaration of the result of Class X & XII by CISCE on May 7, 2019 brought happiness and satisfaction among the ‘ THE INDIAN CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL’ family. The students and teachers congratulated each other with smiles.

This year, as in the past, all the students emerged in flying colors.

The top three scorers in ICSE (class X) is given below:

I. Sameera Irshad 94.8 %

II. Huzaifa Urooz 93.4 %

III. Kanika Rawat 91.8 %

Subject Toppers are as under:
1. Abdul Bari ( English – 89 % )
2. Rehnuma Ansari ( Hindi – 97 % )
3. Sameera Irshad ( Social Studies 99 %, Maths – 88 %, Physical Education – 100 % )
4. Huzaifa Urooz ( Hindi 97 % & Science 90 % )
5. Samra ( Art 92 % )
6. Sara Siddiqui ( Physical Education 100 % )
7. Himanshu Rana ( Computer 96 % )

The Top three scorers in ISC ( class XII) are:

I. Abhay Singh

II. Junaid Malik

III. Apoorv Gautam

Subject Toppers are as under:
Abhay Singh ( Math, Physics, Chemistry, Art )
Rohan Kannojia ( Physical Education)
Avantika Mall: ( English )
Suhani Shah & Naman Walia ( Economics)
Junaid Malik ( Hindi & Commerce )
Apoorv Gautam ( Accounts )

The management appreciated the efforts of the staff for producing a cent percent result. The Principal, Mrs Rachna Srivastava congratulated the staff for their hard work in uplifting the grades of the students. The parents and students thanked the teachers for their dedication and efforts, in preparing the students.

adminGetting 100 % result at CISCE
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Annual Exhibition 2018

The Annual Exhibition was held on 13th October 2018 at 9:00a.m in ‘THE INDIAN CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL’ followed by the P.T.M.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr Swadesh Bansal.

The Pre-Primary , Junior School and senior school showcased the informative and attractive exhibits   with working models of Blood Group Test,  Green city ,Human Heart, kidney Model, Metro Station, Smart City Module, Volcano eruption, Earthquake Alarm ,Solar System ,Exterior and Interior Property Model,  Globe Theater, Preposition ,  Students were disguised as Shakespeare ,Toru Dutt , Sarojini Naidu and Rabindranath Tagore and they also recited famous verses written by them.  The Art and Craft exhibits, put up by the junior and senior  wing, were a reflection of their creativity and talent. There was dazzling array of paper Mache, Photo frames, Glass painting, Mask making, Painting collages, Tissue paper flowers etc.

The English and Hindi department took the theme of exhibition to a creative level by the help of charts and models, depicting the parts of speeches, use of 1st, 2nd and 3rd form of verbs etc.

The Maths exhibition was able to generate tremendous interest among the visitors. The Models were based on Height and distance, Solid geometry, Geo board, Chart papers by classes (VI-VIII), Heron’s formula, etc.

The Chemistry department exhibited working models on Water purification treatment plant, electromagnetic separation, electrolysis, Galvanization , Hydro ponics , desalination Plant ,lime wet scrubber filter Water level alarm.

Biology department urged Display of –Human heart, Animal/plant cell, Blood group compatibility chart, INRA (New blood group discovered).

In physics L.E.D cube air conditioner, Generator, vacuum cleaner, table fan ,toy car, graphite is a good conductor of electricity, Projector and many other working and non working models were exhibited.

In the Social Studies exhibition kuccha house ,puccha house , model of wind mill, solar system, Drip Irrigation method ,Akbar’s history were exhibited.

In Art and Craft exhibition,  displayed  paintings, basket, table, , lamp shades, temple, earthen lamps,  pen stands, masks, ice cream sticks lamp shades, flower pots, newspaper Temple and products made out of waste were displayed.

In computer exhibition the presentation was based on PowerPoint .

On the special occasion, the Principal of the School Mrs RachanaSrivastava, Academic coordinator Ms RubinaSiddiqui, Coordinator Mrs Raj Srivastava and the other dignitaries were present .

The Parents and Guests and the  congratulated the students  on exhibiting their models and heartly appreciated the effort put up by the faculty of the School.

adminAnnual Exhibition 2018
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About a one thousand people participated in the annual fete at “The Indian Cambridge school”on Saturday, 17th November 2018 at the school premises. The school field was decorated with colorful ribbons , balloons & posters.

The fete started at 10:00 am and continued till  2:00 pm.

Various games stalls and food stalls were set to entertain the students and parents by class eleven.

Mr Ganesh Kuriyal guided the students in organizing the Fete . The event had a total of six games stalls and six eatable stalls.  Attractive gift hampers  were given to the winners.

Along with panipuri, Chinese , biryani ,burger etc , fun activities such as hula hoop, hit me ,lit the candles, juke box etc kept the children entertained.

The crowd waited for the announcement of the winner of the  lucky draw , the crowd also tested their Fate through games .

The crowd waited for the result of lucky draw.

Akshita V A got the  snack plate  set as first prize and lemon  set   as second prize was given to Farah of class VII.

The Fate was inaugurated by the chief guest of the day  Ms Karen Mishra , accompanied by the School Director Mr Syed Mohammad Yasar, School  Principal  Mrs Rachana Srivastava, coordinator Mrs Raj Srivastava,    academic -coordinator Miss Rubina Siddiqui , the staff and the children.

Ms Rubina S iddiqui welcomed the Chief Guest of the  day.

The School Director applauded the effort put in by the class XI and said that participation in school activities as such, helps children to open up & explore many new things that enhance their knowledge.

The Principal of the school said, that such events should be organised. Where parents & children can include themselves, hence parents will be able to spend quality time with their children & this will strengthen the bond between them.

Best decorated stall was given the token of appreciation by the Principal.

adminWINTER FATE 2018
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Children’s Day Celebrated at The Indian Cambridge School Dehradun


Children’s Day was celebrated   at “The Indian Cambridge School, Dalanwala “with enthusiasm on Thursday i.e Nov 14th ,2018.

Celebrations began with a prayer service conducted by the School Principal Mrs Rachana Srivastava.

The School Director Mr Syed Mohammad Yasar graced the occasion.

The theme of the programme was “Back to School “. It was followed by ‘thought of the day’ by Ms  Rubina Siddiqui and funny news was presented by Mrs Nivedita  Bhatt.

Teachers were dressed up in the school uniform to show their love and care for the students.

A skit titled “students life in School “ was staged by team leader Urvashi Pawar, Gurpreet, Sohit , Ganesh ,Rajni ,Yasmeen, Nishi, Rama and Diksha etc.

Games were also performed on the stage for the children.

Teachers sang few catchy songs, “It’s a small world” and “ Dil hai chota sa”  to make morning memorable.

Mr Naveen recited a poem “Aram Haram Hai”, which was dedicated to Chacha Nehru.

Class activities and class party was arranged by the teachers for the kids to entertain them.

A friendly cricket match was played between school faculty (team A) and class twelfth (team B). The toss was won by team A.  Master Abdul Bari of class X was the commemorator for the match. The match was witnessed by the students and staff.

The Principal addressed the children on the occasion and encouraged them to dream big and work hard.

Sweets were distributed to each and every child.

The vote of thanks was delivered by School Captain Apoorv Gautam.

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The 27th  Annual Sports Day of “ The Indian Cambridge School’’ was celebrated on 17th October 2017 amidst great mirth , verve . Mrs Jyoti Dhawan was the chief  guest on the occasion , present on the occasion , were special guest of honour  Patron of School Mr S. Farooq, Director Mr Syed Mohammed Yasar, Mr. A.K. Bakshi, Mr. Harun, Mr. Faroq, Principal Mrs Rachna Srivastava, academic coordinator  Miss Rubina Siddiqui, and coordinator Mrs Raj Srivastava ,faculty members,  students, press and parents.valour house

The chief guest and the dignitaries were welcomed with bouquets. The School Principal welcome the guest and gathering formally. The chief guest declared the meet open, followed by the releasing of balloons, to mark the expression of joy and rejoicement.

A  spectacular, impression and a well synchronized March past by the six houses contingents of the Junior and Senior wing of students rendered the spectator, speechless and awestruck .

The chief Guest Mrs Jyoti Dhawan, Administered the March Past.

The most intriguing aspect, embellishing the event, was the splendid field displays ,involving mass student participation, which splattered on the field. The display included presentation by Pre-Primary and Primary wing. The six houses  Comprising of Valour,Integrity,Compassion,Wisdom,                         presented a pyramid display as well. This was followed by the track events including races by Pre-primary, Primary presented fruit cake race, partner race, pom pom race, biscuit race, majesty crown race, bunny rabbit race, fish in the nest etc.   4x 50 Relayand 50m obstacle race were for both  boys and girls of the senior school.  A Parent  race was also conducted, in which Mr R.N. Arshad grabbed the second position, Mr Ravi Prakash as declared the winner where as among the ladies Mrs. Shaminaaz Khan secured Second Position and First Position was grabed by Mrs. Tannu.

The chief guest in her address lauded the sports day event and stated that it was perfect and that  she could gauge the pains and efforts taken by the teachers and students for such flawless presentation. She congratulated the Principal and the entire team for the top quality programme presentation.

This entailed the prize distribution ceremony, where the chief guest gave away medals and trophies to the sports event winners.

The Valour house was adjudged the best house, in the march past and the Integrity house received First position in the pyramid presentation.

Valour House was awarded as the overall best house in sports events.

The zealous parents, gathered in large numbers, constantly applauded the participants of the field and track displays. In the closing ceremony, the meet was declared closed by the chief guest and the school Flag was handed over to the principal. The programme was compared by Mrs shefali soans. Mr shailesh chakre PTI organised the activities. The vote of thanks was proposed by the school director ,Mr Syed Mohammed Yasar .The meet saw its culmination with the National Anthem.


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The Indian Cambridge School hosted PARENT ORIENTATION PROGRAMME as follows:

 April 6, 2017 in two sessions:DSCN973665 (64)

First session for Pre-Primary section from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

Second session for Primary section from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

April 7, 2017

Middle and senior section from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

April 8, 2017

New Parents

The overwhelming response of the parents was very welcoming. The parent body was acquainted with the school rules, facilities, scholastic and co-scholastic activities offered by the institution. The teaching staff interacted with parents to familiarize them with the systems and day today routine.

The orientation programme was adjourned on a happy and satisfying note.

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