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In this blog post, The Indian Cambridge School, the best girls’ boarding school in Dehradun, brings back the activity round-up series with all the fun and educational activities our students took part in March’24. 

The Indian Cambridge School, the best boarding school in Dehradun, is open for admission for the session 2024-2025. The exams are finally over, and now comes the fun part: a brand new year that brings with it the promise of brand-new adventures. It brings us immense pleasure to bring our monthly activity round-up series back from hiatus due to the exams, and we assure you that this one is going to be full of fun yet educational activities that The Indian Cambridge School is renowned for. Our journey to provide holistic education for all-round development began over three decades ago. Today, we are one of the leading all-girls boarding schools in not just Uttarakhand but throughout India. But enough of that. Let’s get started, shall we? 

Origami Workshop for Junior Classes at the Best Girls’ Boarding School in Dehradun, The ICS

At our lush green campus with boarding facilities in Dalanwala, we impart an education that is aimed at instilling a sense of equality, and social and cultural ethos, and refining the competitive spirit of our students. At The Indian Cambridge School, we believe in the holistic development of students.

Nurturing creativity and imagination is a crucial part of this process, which is why we organised a successful workshop for papercraft and origami for our girls in junior classes. This workshop has now become an integral part of the core curriculum for girls in classes 1–5.

As kids transformed the paper into various shapes, this exercise helped them build their problem-solving skills, enhancing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, an important part of their development and their academic journey as well.

The exercise taught patience and focus while empowering them to persevere and concentrate. Making origami is also a stress reliever, introducing the children to a calming and meditative experience that boosts their confidence and self-esteem and encourages them to tackle challenges head-on. Our teachers brought together the concepts of math and science in an interactive activity, making the entire workshop a huge success.

Physical Activity Galore at the Best Boarding School in Dehradun

In March’24, The Indian Cambridge School conducted a 4-Day Physical Activity Camp, which brought our little members of The Indian Cambridge School to a whirlwind of fun-filled physical activities. From hopping like frogs to stretching like trees, these play area adventures were designed to keep young minds and bodies active. 

Through these joyful play and competitions, we are secretively working on their gross motor skills, coordination, learning, and teamwork, but most importantly, we are instilling a love for physical movements right from a very young age.

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Collaborative fun games play an important role in helping children embrace teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Not only that, but these activities also promote social interactions and build strong interpersonal bonds between students. Imagine your daughter participating in exciting team-building challenges like “Build a Castle,” where they work together to construct structures using everyday materials, building innate creativity and cooperation. Or what about “treasure hunts” that show them the magic of problem-solving and strategic thinking as they navigate through clues and obstacles as a team? 

At The Indian Cambridge School, the best boarding school in Dehradun for girls, we have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for girls where we only use positive reinforcement to encourage and empower them. We use play-based learning activities in our curriculum that teach them about concepts and theories in an interactive manner because it helps students understand, appreciate, and retain information better than rote learning. And, more importantly, we provide our girls with emotional support whenever required and teach them flexibility that suits their aptitude for learning, encouraging outdoor exploration and games that entertain and keep them happy.

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All of this, along with an open communication channel with the parents, helps them understand their daughter’s psychology better, knowing that we will always prioritise the safety and security of their daughter at all times. 

We are backed by a highly qualified faculty that is eager to mentor each student, preparing them for every opportunity. They are the reason why the school motto “Endeavour to Excel” has become such a big part of the identity of “Cambrite,” empowering them to take their rightful place in society as responsible citizens of the country and the global community. 

The ICS Junior Wing is a brand new chapter for the best boarding schools for girls in Dehradun.

The inviting facilities offer a safe, stimulating environment where your little girl can thrive. With full-time dedicated educators guiding smart daily learning activities, we have tailored ourselves to each age group’s needs, offering growth in every possible area. From interactive play to educational exploration, your daughter will flourish in our care. Let us take you on a guided tour where you can observe the warmth, creativity, and educational excellence that define our programs. 

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