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Girls Boarding Schools in Dehradun, The ICS, & Sir C.V. Raman

In this blog post, The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls boarding schools in Dehradun, shares some lessons that can be learned from the renowned Sir C.V. Raman.

The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun, is open for admission for the session 2024-2025. Our journey to provide holistic education for all-round development began over three decades ago. Today, we are one of the premier all-girls boarding schools in not just Uttarakhand but throughout India. In this blog, we will be honouring the life of Sir C.V. Raman and sharing five key lessons that students can learn from his life.

The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls boarding schools in Dehradun, honours Sir C.V. Raman.

At our lush green campus with boarding facilities in Dalanwala, we impart an education that is aimed at instilling a sense of equality, and social and cultural ethos, and refining the competitive spirit of our students. At The Indian Cambridge School, we believe in the holistic development of students. We believe that introducing our girls to personalities such as Sir C.V. Raman and others is a big part of this education because it inspires and motivates them to pursue their dreams without any fear or inhibitions.

National Science Day is celebrated on February 28 every year to mark the discovery of the “Raman Effect” on February 28, 1928, by Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930.


Indian physicist Sir C V Raman pointing to information on a large blackboard as he gives a lecture, August 5th 1958. (Photo by Keystone Features/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


His revolutionary research showcased the inelastic scattering of photons by matter, effectively establishing the foundation for Raman spectroscopy. Developed over years of painstaking research, his spectroscope technique became pivotal in chemical analysis and material characterization.

Before his optical achievements, Raman made several contributions to acoustics, studying stringed instrument mechanics, advancing molecular diffraction, the optics of colloids, and organic crystal properties. To foster the growth of science in India, Raman also established research institutes like the Indian Institute of Science and the Raman Research Institute.

boarding schools in Dehradun

Raman always believed in emphasising the importance of fundamental research in national development. His spectroscopy is still widely used to study a material’s structural, chemical, and electronic properties, making it an extremely valuable tool in battery research and development, such as the analysis of electrode materials, electrolytes, and interfaces in batteries, providing scientists with valuable insights into the behaviour and performance of a battery.

Lessons students can learn from Sir C.V. Raman’s life 

Sir C.V. Raman was the first Indian Nobel Laureate in Physics, whose work has and continues to inspire millions of scientists around the world. For the budding scientists in school, here are five lessons that they can learn from his life.

  1. Persist and Always Stay Determined: Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, Sir C.V. Raman remained dedicated to his scientific pursuits, eventually making ground-breaking discoveries that earned him international recognition.
  2. Become curious in life: Raman’s intellectual curiosity was insatiable, which became instrumental in driving him to explore the mysteries of light and optics. 
  3. Be courageous: Raman was never afraid of challenging conventional wisdom and questioning established scientific theories. He faced the criticism head-on, demonstrating the courage to think differently and pursue unconventional ideas, challenging the status quo effectively.
  4. Commit to Excellence: Raman had uncompromising standards that set him apart as a scientist. He believed in conducting rigorous, high-quality research and was never satisfied with mediocrity. His pursuit of excellence and innovation became the two pillars on which he built his legacy.
  5. Be of service: Throughout his life, Raman was a passionate advocate of education and mentorship, founding research institutes and nurturing young scientists. He may not have taken the road like many modern-day philanthropists do, but the essence of his actions speaks volumes. Do unto others what you would have done to yourself.

At The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun for girls, we bridge the gap between education and life. We help our students experience a culture of wonderful ideas and freedom of expression, which helps them become a wave of change. Cambrites are pioneers pushed forward by modern education, with the belief that they will realize their full potential. We implore you to rejoice in Sir C.V. Raman’s life and hail the scientific community that is propelling our nation ahead because one day very soon our children will become the flagbearers of this quest.

boarding schools in Dehradun

We are backed by a highly qualified faculty that is eager to mentor each student, preparing them for every opportunity. They are the reason why the school motto “Endeavour to Excel” has become such a big part of the identity of “Cambrite,” empowering them to take their rightful place in society as responsible citizens of the country and the global community. 

The ICS Junior Wing, a brand new chapter for the best boarding schools for girls in Dehradun

This same legacy of excellence is also at the heart of the much-awaited Junior Wing of The Indian Cambridge School. After repeated requests from parents and the community, we are delighted to share that The Indian Cambridge School is now open for business, with the academic session starting in 2024-2025.

The inviting facilities offer a safe, stimulating environment where your little girl can thrive. With full-time dedicated educators guiding smart daily learning activities, we have tailored ourselves to each age group’s needs, offering growth in every possible area. From interactive play to educational exploration, your daughter will flourish in our care. Let us take you on a guided tour where you can observe the warmth, creativity, and educational excellence that define our programs. 

Call 708-888-8856 or 724-990-9095. Don’t miss out because we have limited seats available! Visit this page for more information and if you have any questions! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates! 

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