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The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls boarding schools of Dehradun, is bringing a blog detailing the school’s newest initiative, clubs. 

As the best girls boarding schools of Dehradun, we are pleased to announce that admissions are open for the academic session 2024-2025. For more details on the procedure, make sure to check out the end of this post, or you can head over to this page as well.

One of the newest initiatives in our curriculum is the addition of club activities—communities that are aimed at engaging students who share the same interests. We had already informally introduced the readers to club activities in last month’s blog, but there are always chances that you might have missed out on it. This is why we decided to kickstart this month’s updates with a detailed post on our club activities. 

What are school clubs?

School clubs are organised groups within a school whose primary objective is to bring together students who share common interests and goals. These clubs meet regularly, sometimes during and sometimes outside of regular school time, allowing students to explore their passions, develop skills, socialise with their peers, and contribute positively to the school community.

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The Indian Cambridge School is renowned as one of the best boarding schools of Dehradun for girls because of our curriculum, which is focused on imparting a quality holistic education that is unbiased and value-based, facilitating the development of every child. This vision is being achieved by inculcating in Cambrites a sense of equality, a high social and cultural ethos, strong self-belief, and a refined competitive spirit, empowering our girls to take their rightful place in society as responsible citizens of our nation and the global community, and The ICS Clubs are going to play a crucial role in this process.

How are school clubs beneficial for students?

School clubs offer numerous benefits to students regarding their educational and personal development. They enrich a student’s educational experience, promoting holistic development by becoming a platform for learning, growth, and social interaction and presenting leadership opportunities outside a conventional classroom setting.

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Did you know that clubs come in handy in helping students develop specific skills related to their interests? For example, a robotics club enhances students’ problem-solving and analytical abilities along with their technical skills, while a debate club improves public speaking and critical thinking skills. Clubs also encourage them to explore and pursue their interests beyond the standard curriculum, helping them develop a deeper understanding of subjects and potential career interests.

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Joining a club is also instrumental in helping students connect with peers who share similar interests, helping them build new friendships, improving their social skills, and creating a sense of belonging within the school community. Participating in clubs encourages personal growth because it challenges students to take on new responsibilities, face challenges, and overcome obstacles, but it doesn’t just stop there; it also helps them develop leadership skills, teamwork, decision-making, responsibility, and accountability.

Clubs are a haven for experiential learning opportunities where students can apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, reinforcing their academic concepts. For a student, balancing club activities with their academic responsibilities instills valuable lessons about time management, a skill that is not only essential for success during their school days but also later on in their lives. And we left one of the biggest benefits of club activities for the end. Active participation in club activities demonstrates a student’s commitment, and when they apply for grad schools at reputed universities outside of India, their participation in club activities is what sets their applications apart from the rest.



 boarding schools of Dehradun
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Over the next few months, you will see more and more updates on our social media pages, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates! During the last month, we unveiled the best boarding school of Dehradun, The ICS’s Eco Club and Reading Club, introducing our girls to the concept of club activities. There are several other exciting clubs in our school focusing on different fields that are yet to be revealed. But rest assured, it will happen soon. In the meantime, we will give you a hint: yoga and arts and crafts!

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If you still can’t wait, then contact us today and book your visit to our school campus in Dalanwala and learn everything about us. Call 708-888-8856 or 724-990-9095 to find out in person how the school’s motto “Endeavour to Excel” is inculcated into every “Cambrite,” reminding them that the key to fulfilling their goals and realising their potential is only possible when they pursue excellence earnestly. 

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