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The ICS,girls boarding school celebrates 77th Independence Day!

The Indian Cambridge School, a girls boarding school in Dehradun, celebrated Independence Day 2023 with great fervour and enthusiasm.

Date: August 15, 2023. Place: The Indian Cambridge School, a girls boarding school in Dalanwala, Dehradun. Occasion? India’s 77th Independence Day Celebration!

A day of remembrance, reverence, and reflection on the sacrifices made by the heroes who put their lives on the line to give us the freedom we cherish today. A day that encapsulates and marks the culmination of our struggles and efforts for the liberation from British colonial rule, the oppression we faced, and the birth of a free India.

The 77th Independence Day was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm at The Indian Cambridge School, just like it was done throughout the nation. But did you know that we, as an institution, have a much deeper connection with the significance of Independence Day?

In this blog, we will take you on a brief journey on how “The Inspiration” behind The Indian Cambridge School has served to make us the best girls boarding school in Dehradun and our Independence Day celebrations.

girls boarding school The enduring inspiration that drives our motivation and empowers us to excel

The Indian Cambridge School is an embodiment of the late Janab Sayed Rashid Ahmed Sahab’s vision to establish an institution that imparts unbiased education that promotes inclusivity and the holistic development of every child, thereby producing good citizens who lead by example.

Late Janab Sayed Rashid Ahmed was a humble and devoted family man who believed in the value of hard work. He lived his life most simply, yet he shouldered the responsibility and contributed to the biggest movement in the history of our nation: the Freedom Struggle!

During the freedom movement, the late Janab Sayed Rashid Ahmed Sahab worked very closely with Sri Jawahar Lal Nehru, who, as we all know, would go on to become free India’s very first prime minister, and at his behest, organised meetings, programmes, and rallies in Dehradun.

Adored by his family and society at large, Janab Sahab has been felicitated with several distinguished awards posthumously for his contribution to society and his selfless patriotic service to our nation.

From historical figures like Srimati Vijay Laxmi Pandit, who served as the former president of the United Nations General Assembly, and Shri Hemwati Nandan Bahugana, a previous chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, to more recent leaders like Sri K.R. Narayanan and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, both former presidents of India, as well as notable individuals like Justice Mohd. Shamim, the chairman of the minority commission, Shri Sudarshan Agarwal, a former governor of Uttarakhand, and Shri M.S. Bitta, the chairman of the All-Indian Anti-Terrorist Front, among others, have all conveyed their profound gratitude for the invaluable contributions made by Janab Sayed Rashid Ahmed.

Independence Day Celebration at The Indian Cambridge School, the Best Girls Boarding School: Embracing Heritage and Empowerment

At The Indian Cambridge School, Independence Day not only brings together the entire history of the nation but also the future, which is represented by the young students who are the torchbearers of tomorrow. The celebration is a way to instill a deep sense of gratitude and respect for our heritage and to imbue young minds with the values our nation stands for.

girls boarding school

Our Independence Day celebration commenced with our honourable Reverend Patron, Dr. Sayed Farooq, who is also the son of the Late Janab Sayed Rashid Ahmed Sahab, and the esteemed Chief Guest, Col. Sanjay Washington, who were welcomed by the Director of Academics at The Indian Cambridge School, Mrs. Neelam Sharma, accompanied by the Principal, Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur, school captain, vice-captain, house captains, and vice-captains.

girls boarding school


As the tricolour flag was unfurled by Dr. Farooq, a poignant moment was followed by the rendition of the national anthem, symbolising unity, diversity, strength, and empowerment that reside in the hearts of every ‘Cambrite.’

With the tricolour flying high and proud, the stage came alive as our young Cambrites captivated the entire audience with their mesmerising performances. After this, it was the turn of The Indian Cambridge’s NDA Cadets, who executed a dance drama that vividly showcased their grace and unyielding determination and celebrated the spirit of women aspiring to join the National Defence Academy.

The entire campus became a living manifestation of India’s history and the freedom struggle, which magnanimously transitioned into women’s empowerment. The thunderous applause that followed echoed the message that The Indian Cambridge School has envisioned: standing on an equal footing regardless of gender and proving our mettle in the face of challenges.

Chief Guest Col. Washington was visibly moved by the dance drama from the NDA Cadets and shared that watching them perform reminded him of his daughter. He commended the school for fostering a culture of growth and empowering young women to take on the world and make a lasting impression on anyone they come across. His heartfelt words resonated with the students, motivating them to pursue their dreams with confidence.

The highlight of the event was the insightful words of Reverend Patron, Dr. Farooq, who eloquently touched upon the challenges our country and families are facing due to divisions and conflicts. He stressed the importance of rising above differences and embracing the values of truthfulness and benevolence.

The event concluded on a positive note, marking yet another chapter in the history of The Indian Cambridge School. This celebration served as a reminder of the rich history of India, the resilience of its people, and the potential of its youth.

Fostering a Bright Future: Reflections on Independence Day Celebrations at the Indian Cambridge School

The Independence Day celebrations at The Indian Cambridge School, a leading girls-only boarding school in Dehradun, were not only a tribute to the past but a celebration of the future. It highlighted our commitment to nurturing responsible, empowered, and compassionate individuals who are not only aware of their heritage but also equipped to lead our nation into a brighter tomorrow.

As we remember the sacrifices of our forefathers and honour the principles that our nation stands for, let’s always remember the profound words that our Reverend Patron, Dr. Sayeed Farooq, said to the students during his address at the Independence Day celebrations:

“Goodness always triumphs over hatred, even if it requires time. This is why we must play our part in building a harmonious society, as it is through these actions that we shape a future filled with endless possibilities.”

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