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#1 Boarding Schools of Dehradun, The ICS’s Activity Round 2

It’s time for The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls’ boarding schools of Dehradun, final activity catch-up for May’24! 

The academic session 24–25 is already underway at The Indian Cambridge School, also known as one of the best girls boarding schools of Dehradun. There are a few spots still open, so if you are still looking for a school that focuses on imparting holistic education, please head over to this page for more information.

With that information out of the way, let’s start our final activity updates for May 24. There are a lot of activities that we couldn’t cover, but rest assured, we will get to them soon in our upcoming posts beginning next month, so make sure you regularly check this page. Let’s kick it off, shall we? 

Throwball Showdown at The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls boarding schools of Dehradun!

April 2024 was a frenzy-filled month, with The ICS campus in Dalanwala coming alive with an exciting fusion of skill, teamwork, and passion on the court—the Throwball Competition 2024! Our four school houses, Devotion, Justice, Integrity, and Valour, showcased their athletic prowess as they squared off against each other.

The first semi-final match was held between the girls of Valour and Integrity House, with Valour coming out on top, while in the second semi-final, the girls from Devotion went head-on against Justice, swatting them to set up an intense final between Devotion and Valour! Before the finals, Integrity played against Justice to decide the second runner-up spot, which was taken by Justice, and then the time finally came that everyone was excitedly awaiting. 


The finals were an extremely close match, with the Valour House girls edging out the girls from Devotion House in the final few moments and taking home the champion trophy!


A thrilling and resounding success, the tournament was a testament to The Indian Cambridge School, one of the best girls’ boarding schools of Dehradun, and the ethos of instilling a refined competitive spirit and teamwork in our students while also promoting physical fitness, strategic thinking, and turning a step back into a step forward!

Prayer & Meditation at The ICS, one of the best boarding schools of Dehradun

Prayer is raising our minds and hearts to God without seeking anything in return. Our girls from classes 1 to 8 were taught how important school prayers are and how we should express our gratitude to God for all the blessings bestowed on us.

boarding schools of Dehradun

Expressing gratitude and being thankful is extremely important for students because it teaches them to be calm and happy. It helps them develop a sense of gratitude by acknowledging the blessings in their lives, and by cultivating this, they can find contentment and happiness in their lives, leading to a more fulfilled and wholesome life.

 boarding schools of Dehradun

Students were advised on the importance of mental health and meditation. We showed them how to meditate with calm music, and breathing exercises were taught. Regular meditation promotes emotional well-being, reduces stress, and enhances focus and concentration. By incorporating meditation into their daily routine, our girls will develop a greater sense of self-awareness and inner peace, which can ultimately contribute to their overall academic and personal growth.

Learning Vocabulary with French Fries at The ICS, one of the best boarding schools of Dehradun

On April 18, the girls of classes 1–5 indulged in an enriching linguistic adventure. This exciting activity immersed them in a fun and engaging way. What is the name of the activity? “Vocabulary French Fries!”

Catchy and certainly living up to its educational and enjoyable promise, students relished this delectable opportunity to explore new words, enhancing their linguistic repertoire in a fun and engaging manner. Each word—a golden crispy delight, added layers of knowledge, deep-fried to sizzling perfection!

And with that yummy update, we will bring a tasty end to this month’s updates. We will see you again next month, right here. Make sure you follow us on our social media pages, Facebook, and Instagram, for quicker and more timely updates! Book a tour of our school today by calling 708-888-8856 or by filling out the contact form on this page. Auf Wiedersehen. 

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